Divi9 Queen Vernina Tomoney
CEO / Designer 

Vernina Tomoney, the owner and creative director of Divi9 Designs was born and raised in Queens, New York.  From the young age of 5, Vernina has accompanied her grandmother to various SASAA (Sisters Against South African Apartheid) events, protest and marches.  She has watched her mother plan and facilitate community based events and Black History Month programs within the New York City  Board of Education and has met various Civil Rights leaders who have sown a seed into her.  The seed that was planted, flourished into Div9 Designs in March 2016.  

Divi9 Designs isn't just a apparel line, but a brand that provides socially conscious Afrocentric Urban Apparel that inspires, uplifts and empowers today's Kings  & Queens through Art & Fashion. We are an inspirational empowering brand that allows you to wear your designs unapologetically. Vernina designs and prints each piece of apparel in-house; we give our customers the flexibility to select a standard designs with various shirt style options or you can request your own custom designs through email. She is dedicated to her business and providing an excellent customer service experience by pouring into their community each inspirational message at a time. 

Vernina established this company to evoke cultural awareness, inspire and empower each Divi9 King, Queen and Vessel who wears a design and to encourage individuals wearing their Divi9 Designs to continue to pour into your community.

With a desire to empower, encourage and uplift our community, Vernina Tomoney has since launched Divi9 Essentials LLC, to provide a platform for emerging and established black business owners & service providers. This platforms provides the essential needs for the community, by the community.  If interested in joining the community submit your business info into the Divi9 Essential LLC portal.