You wake up unsure of what today holds, opening your eyes to the seconds of uncertainty, starting your day with the only sense of control you have, your "morning routine".  Some sighing not anticipating their 9-5 rat race, some waking up to children full of life, some of you with minds racing trying to gain a sense of peace,  and others reciting there daily affirmations while brushing their pearly whites. Each one of you with a desire to make moves that YOU want, how YOU want, when YOU want. Failing to realizing that life isn't about just YOU.

Your past has cause you to build social walls for protection,  instilled a lack of trust without reason, taught you that fear is common, that you cant and confident isn't who you are. So caught up in past betrayal, hurt, distraction, lack of support and love that you developed DESIRE. The desire to change your past. Admittedly focused on not being who or what you resent.  You now set out daily to correct what was, with a deep need to shift how it affects you.  

But did you ever stop and ACCEPT what was?  One cant achieve growth without acknowledging what is. Kings and Queens, you are not your past. In order for you change what you once knew was the norm, you have to accept what was. Remember humble hearts rarely hurt others. Humbly accept every trial and tribulation you have encountered and wake up today in a better place mentally. Start another day fresh and free of what was.  

APPRECIATE where you are now! What you pour into your now, will have no choice but to flourish ! Water your grass Kings & Queens.  So many think your grass is greener, so why shouldn't you? Humbly appreciate all you currently have. Know that your right now is just the beginning. ANTICIPATE your future and know that there is so much in store.  Continue to promote optimistic behaviors, lead by example and pour into your community.  Your future will represent your daily contribution to society.  Continue to make your mark and leave a legacy. Remember, ACCEPT you past, APPRECIATE your now and ANTICIPATE your future.  

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