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Today we celebrate Love of self, love of another, a new love, while some reminisce on lost love..... To my single Kings & Queens I celebrate you! Love up on yourself and recognize the light that shines through you . In order for someone to love you the way you deserve, you have to spoil, cherish, love and respect yourself first! ❤️🖤💚 To my Kings & Queens celebrating love for one another, enjoy every moment. Identify the love that makes you want to love differently and love better. Recognize the peace they provide and together build your heaven on earth. ❤️🖤💚 To my Kings & Queens celebrating a new love, allow yourself to be vulnerable and allow their soul to kiss yours , allow them to see what is physically unseen and to see all of you. Get lost in one another . ❣️ For the Kings & Queens reminiscing on the lost love, accept and appreciate what was and know that ,that love will forever be there. Push forward knowing that there is a greater love out there specially designed for you ❤️🖤💚 ....... Let's continue to love up on one another . Valentine's Day isn't just today but every day that you say I love you , show another affection, or do something for someone out the kindness of your heart . Love love. ❤️🖤💚 (If you know this dynamic artist, tag them ! This piece truly spoke to me ) ❤️🖤💚#divi9thoughts #divi9designs #love #valentines #valentineday #lovelove #loveyourself #loveanother #learntolove #blackart #blackhistorymonth #black #souldeeplove #lostoflove #lovelovebyloving #loveisthereason #blessed #humble #loved #loving #lovinglife #postivevibes #tagartist #inspiration #inspirationalblog #linkinbio 

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