Identifying and understanding when you’re centered and our true sense of peace with unapologetic distractions is an arduous task but feasible. Many of us have a morning routine that began immediately after opening our eyes from a night of sleep to social media feeds. Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, various dating apps or messaging apps, receive our first ounce of energy unintentionally. It can even dictate how we handle our day or what affects us. Subconsciously addicted to social media?! Majority of us would differ. Yet its our reference for friends birth dates instead of memory, life updates instead of genuine face to face interactions, point of contact for the ones we don't have a urge to stay in constant contact with, and the hub for those who we call "lurkers". We wake up to a new day, filled with clear energy, unaffected currently by anything that may have occurred the day before, eager to start our day in a new mindset but exposing our selves in its most vulnerable state to our feeds because we don't like to miss something. *Wipes eyes, Scrolling*.... "AWW" to your high school classmate you no longer speak to welcoming his/hers new child in the world, "AYYYE" you just peeped the next event the squad will attend, 'takes a deep breathe ' as you scroll over your ex living their best life with the "NOW" love of their life, but now you notice 20 notifications on the top right/left of the screen "Sheesh, what I miss?" but its notifications to a collegiate classmate that passed unexpectedly. Now aimlessly checking social media and streaming the internet at the start of your day, you find your self full of a realm of emotions unable to decipher what you wanted your day to encompass. It never occurred to you that that first 5-10 minutes of your day can expose you to so much, that your energy that was once pure is now drained and strained. What you wanted "today to be a good day" is now filled with subconscious doubt and fear of the unknown. That one decision to start your day off with the outside world now directly affects you. When your day starts with observing the lives of others , you are indirectly faced with a deterrent to focus on your own. If you decided to wake up and meditate, say a prayer, do your morning skin routine, work out, make coffee and relax to clear your mind or just speak with your significant other if there is one, do you think you would feel as emotional? Would you feel as uncertain? Would you allow the things that was viewed on your social media to affect your sense of peace? Or is streaming the internet a constant routine that your sense of peace is no longer identifiable? Can you wake up and give your self and only yourself 5-10 minutes? Or have we been conditioned to check our phones so giving yourself time is not the "norm"? A wise woman told me "what was left yesterday, will be there today." Kings & Queens understand that tomorrow, the next moment, next minute or next second is not promised. Allow yourself to FOCUS on YOU and not let the outside world taint your sense of peace. When we align our mental with our spiritual our emotional will follow. Being centered isn't a concept. Its being mentally and spiritually balanced that you can , logically handle your emotions within physical reality. If we stay solely focused on our mental and our outside experiences, we find ourselves infatuated on what is going on around us. Resulting in a overwhelmed mental state because we take on everything, it affects the stability of our spiritual self. This can lead to the emotionally unstable situations we find ourselves in. Don't get involved in your own melodrama due to your environment. Identify whats needed for you to become and maintain mentally and spiritually balanced. Tomorrow King & Queens lets not roll over and grab our phones and give someone else the first seconds of your time. I challenge YOU to give YOURSELF that time and mentally, spiritually align yourself to start your day in a centered place of peace, that will allow you to navigate your day in the most beneficial way for YOU.

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